What is Qibo?


Qibo is an open-source full stack API for quantum simulation and quantum hardware control.

Qibo aims to contribute as a community driven quantum middleware software with

  1. Simplicity: agnostic design to quantum primitives.

  2. Flexibility: transparent mechanism to execute code on classical and quantum hardware.

  3. Community: a common place where find solutions to accelerate quantum development.

  4. Documentation: describe all steps required to support new quantum devices or simulators.

  5. Applications: maintain a large ecosystem of applications, quantum models and algorithms.

Qibo key features:

  • Definition of a standard language for the construction and execution of quantum circuits with device agnostic approach to simulation and quantum hardware control based on plug and play backend drivers.

  • A continuously growing code-base of quantum algorithms applications presented with examples and tutorials.

  • Efficient simulation backends with GPU, multi-GPU and CPU with multi-threading support.

  • Simple mechanism for the implementation of new simulation and hardware backend drivers.

This documentation refers to Qibo 0.1.8.dev1.


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