Code OverviewΒΆ

The Qibo framework in this repository implements a common system to deal with classical hardware and future quantum hardware.

The code abstraction is located in qibo/abstractions and the core simulation engine is located in qibo/core. This simulation engine uses an abstract backend object K to perform calculation the structure of which is defined in qibo/backends/

Currently two calculation backends are implemented, one based in numpy and one based in Tensorflow. The Tensorflow backend is supplemented by custom operators for efficient application of quantum gates to state vectors and density matrices. Other backends can be implemented by inheriting the qibo.backends.abstract.AbstractBackend and implementing its abstract methods.

Regression tests, which are run by the continous integration workflow are stored in qibo/tests. These tests contain several examples about how to use qibo.

The examples/benchmarks folder contains benchmark code that has been implemented so far for specific applications.